The factory store of Massepain Sleeubus in the Isabellalei 92 (commonly known as “het loketje”) will adjust its opening hours in the period of January till June. Opening hours will be 09h00 till 12h00 and 13u30 till 16u30.

The store will be closed on Fridays and during the weekend. Our webshop remains open 24/7, with the choice for cash&carry or home delivery (free shipment as from 75 EUR).


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Share all your sweet moments with Louis d’Anvers d’Anvers
Going forward, the consumer product department of Massepain Sleeubus will operate under the name Louis d’Anvers - Louis, in honour of great-grandfather Louis Sleeubus, the mastermind behind all our delicacies and the founder of Massepain Sleeubus…

and d’Anvers, because we are very proud that this tasty treat was created in Antwerp and is still being made in an artisanal way and in the same location as it was almost 100 years ago. It is made with passion, knowledge, sugar from Tienen and the best Southern European almonds that are peeled fresh every day.

This is the marzipan to share with people who matter, at times that matter.

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Our marzipan is not just any old marzipan. It is made with passion by talented people using the best ingredients. The production process ensures the best result. Are you curious about how we make our marzipan? Then take a quick look behind the scenes and discover how a perfect harmony of almonds and sugar result in an irresistible product.


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Massepain Sleeubus offers schools, (youth) associations, sporting clubs, service clubs or individuals a great opportunity. Buy the marzipan cheaply from us and resell it with a nice little profit to fund your daily operation costs or to donate to your favourite charity.


Our product is really for everyone. It is for the professional chocolatier or baker who loves to work with our product to make wonderful and tasty creations. It is also for the wholesaler who loves to offer our artisanal products to their clients.